Our Services


meet & greet

Our initial face-to-face meet & greet is free and something I like to arrange with every new client and their pet. This gives us the opportunity to discuss your requirements and answer any questions that you may have. At this time I'll also take the opportunity to learn where your pet's food, treats, medicine (if applicable), and favorite things are around and outside of your home. We'll take a short, leashed dog walk together and I'll find out your pet's schedule and needs. During the meet & greet, I'll also have you fill out some short paperwork to gather information on your pet, discuss emergency procedures, collect a house key, and we will sign a brief contract.

Dog Walking

I offer 20-, 30-, & 60-minute walks. I'll pick up your dog from your home and take him/her on a leashed walk around the neighborhood. If you have any preferences for your dog such as playing ball in the yard or visiting the neighborhood bark park, that can be arranged with no problem. 

Daily Pet check-in/visit

I offer 30- & 60-minute pet check-ins. A check-in is great for any pet that may be home alone for an extended period of time during the day or if you feel that hourly or overnight sitting isn't necessary. This is also great for puppies and our senior citizens who may need more attention during times alone. Pet check-ins include feeding, fresh water, and a potty break or walk. Additional services such as alternating lights and blinds or watering plants can be provided as well. You just let me know what you need to take care of you and your pet.


Overnight Pet sitting

Allow your pet the luxury of overnight pet sitting in the comfort of your own home. You can relax knowing that your pet and home are being kept safe. Your pet can relax in familiar surroundings and get to stay in their favorite spots. This also allows your pet to stay on routine. Overnight sitting includes breakfast and dinner as well as walks at breakfast and dinner time. If your pet is usually served lunch or takes midday potty breaks, don't worry because midday check-in options are available. Your pet will get walks, playtime, massage, and brushing. Plus they get to sleep wherever they're used to. We provide dog sitting, cat sitting, small animal sitting, farm animal sitting, and bird sitting.

hourly PEt sitting (minimum of four hours)

Hourly pet sitting is great for pets who don't do well alone or need extra attention. If you'll be gone during the day or at night and think a pet check-in won't be enough, opt for hourly pet sitting. Just like on a check-in, we will make sure your pet gets their scheduled meal, fresh water, potty breaks, and/or a walk. Again, a great service for puppy sitting or senior dogs.

pet taxi

Our safe and secure pet taxi is a 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback with high powered air conditioning! We offer two types of pet taxi trips: hourly, for trips such as vet visits which we attend with your pet and pick-up and drop-offs which are great for groomer visits or just going from point A to point B. Our pet taxi services include a pet seat belt. Services begin at the time of pick-up and end at the time of drop-off