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about us

Hi, my name is Megan Lowndes and I am the owner and operator of Pup Club, LLC. Pup Club stands for honesty and safety combined with fun and happiness for your pets. I've had dogs in my family from Rottweiler to Pug and feel completely comfortable with pups of all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. I want to use the things I've learned and the volunteering opportunities I have had (and still do!) to thrive in all aspects of life and to do so with kindness and with transparency about the business that I run.

I am glad to be able to offer these current services and continue to educate myself constantly on different aspects of pet care as well as new findings. I currently offer 20-, 30-, & 60-minute dog walks, pet visits, pet sitting, & pet taxi. Of course, if you're in need of any other pet related services, I can do my best to accommodate you and your best friend. I'm confident in my ability to help you feel as comfortable as possible leaving your pet in my care, whether it be for 20-minutes or for the duration of your vacation. 


Pup Club, LLC is:

  • A licensed Limited Liability Company in the State of Florida
  • Bonded & insured by Petcare Insurance
  • Certified in Pet CPR & First Aid through Pet Tech
  • A member of Pet Sitters International & PetSitUSA
  • Will provide references and/or a background check upon request. If you have any questions about me, please don't hesitate to ask

Dog walking, pet sitting, pet taxi services available in Lakewood Ranch, Northern Sarasota, East Bradenton, Parrish, Ellenton.



What makes us different from other pet sitters and dog walkers?

  • Bonded & insured - - I am a bonded & insured pet sitter and dog walker with Petcare Insurance.
  • Pet CPR & First Aid - - I am certified in Pet CPR & First Aid through Pet Tech, the industry standard for pet CPR and first aid.
  • GPS & report card - - I have recently started using Scout as a platform for scheduling dog walking appointments, making payments, pet report cards, & GPS for dog walks and pet taxi. It helps the customer feel even more comfortable and organized.
  • Consistency in care - - We will meet face-to-face at our initial consultation. I'll be in contact with you when your pet is under my supervision whether on a 20-minute walk or on a multi-day pet sit. You can relax knowing who you're working with.
  • You have direct access to the owner of the company - - I am a local, full-time resident living in Rosedale. You have my direct phone number. I hold myself accountable and I am easy to contact.
  • I take pet care seriously - - Your pet is not just your best friend but your family. They deserve the best care and you deserve peace of mind knowing that is what they're getting.
  • You'll know who has access to your home - - Find comfort in knowing that I take having access to your home extremely seriously.
  • Effort & passion - - I love having a career in pet care. I will do everything that I can to perform at 110% every single time. 
  • Knowledge & education - - I'm constantly researching information and finding courses that provide me with education related to pet care and behavior. I want to be able to combine the latest findings and advancements in pet care with knowledge and proven methods in order to personalize care for your pet.
  • No prejudice - - I work with all breeds regardless of size and/or temperament. I believe everyone deserves a chance!
  • Easy pick-up & drop-off - - Whether you're transporting your pet or we are, we want to be flexible and reliable when getting your pet from point A to point B.
  • Consistent routine - - We'll help keep your pet's routine consistent along with providing physical and mental exercise. No kennels or cages required though we do know that some love their kennels and prefer to spend time in them. That's fine too!
  • Donations & volunteer efforts for local rescues and animal assistance programs.
  • Rewards for multiple bookings and referrals
  • Accept cash, check/debit, major credit cards, & Paypal.

Our Services


meet & greet

Our initial face-to-face meet & greet is free and something I like to arrange with every new client and their pet. This gives us the opportunity to discuss your requirements and answer any questions that you may have. At this time I'll also take the opportunity to learn where your pet's food, treats, medicine (if applicable), and favorite things are around and outside of your home. We'll take a short, leashed dog walk together and I'll find out your pet's schedule and needs. During the meet & greet, I'll also have you fill out some short paperwork to gather information on your pet, discuss emergency procedures, collect a house key, and we will sign a brief contract.

Dog Walking

I offer 20-, 30-, & 60-minute walks. I'll pick up your dog from your home and take him/her on a leashed walk around the neighborhood. If you have any preferences for your dog such as playing ball in the yard or visiting the neighborhood bark park, that can be arranged with no problem. 

Daily Pet check-in/visit

I offer 30- & 60-minute pet check-ins. A check-in is great for any pet that may be home alone for an extended period of time during the day or if you feel that hourly or overnight sitting isn't necessary. This is also great for puppies and our senior citizens who may need more attention during times alone. Pet check-ins include feeding, fresh water, and a potty break or walk. Additional services such as alternating lights and blinds or watering plants can be provided as well. You just let me know what you need to take care of you and your pet.


Overnight Pet sitting

Allow your pet the luxury of overnight pet sitting in the comfort of your own home. You can relax knowing that your pet and home are being kept safe. Your pet can relax in familiar surroundings and get to stay in their favorite spots. This also allows your pet to stay on routine. Overnight sitting includes breakfast and dinner as well as walks at breakfast and dinner time. If your pet is usually served lunch or takes midday potty breaks, don't worry because midday check-in options are available. Your pet will get walks, playtime, massage, and brushing. Plus they get to sleep wherever they're used to. We provide dog sitting, cat sitting, small animal sitting, farm animal sitting, and bird sitting.

hourly PEt sitting (minimum of four hours)

Hourly pet sitting is great for pets who don't do well alone or need extra attention. If you'll be gone during the day or at night and think a pet check-in won't be enough, opt for hourly pet sitting. Just like on a check-in, we will make sure your pet gets their scheduled meal, fresh water, potty breaks, and/or a walk. Again, a great service for puppy sitting or senior dogs.

pet taxi

Our safe and secure pet taxi is a 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback with high powered air conditioning! We offer two types of pet taxi trips: hourly, for trips such as vet visits which we attend with your pet and pick-up and drop-offs which are great for groomer visits or just going from point A to point B. Our pet taxi services include a pet seat belt. Services begin at the time of pick-up and end at the time of drop-off







Meet & Greet

A pet meet & greet is complimentary and optional but recommended. It's free and I'll spend up to an hour getting to know you and your pet. It gives me a good chance to customize the experience for you both.


Overnight Pet sitting

Overnight pet sitting is $60 per night which includes a morning and evening walk for dogs and meals. Additional rates apply for more than three dogs. Additional check-ins available at discounted rate.




Dog Walking

I offer 20-, 30-, and 60-minute dog walks starting at $15 for a 20-minute walk. A 30-minute walk is $20, and my 60-minute walk is $30. Additional dogs can be added onto any of these walks for a low rate.


Pet taxi

I offer two pet taxi services: the hourly pet taxi for veterinary appointments for $30 per hour, where I will attend the appointment with your pet and pet will also be given a short potty break. I also offer a flat rate $25 pet taxi pick-up and drop off for services such as grooming, where I don't attend the appointment with your pet but he/she will still be given a potty break.




daily pet check-in/pet visit

I offer both 30- and 60-minute pet visits. A 60-minute is suggested if you have more than 2-3 pets. Both visit times are available for any amount of pets, your choice. A 30-minute visit is $20 and a 60-minute visit is $30. 




Hourly pet sitting

Hourly pet sitting is $25 an hour with a minimum of a four hour stay.



Additional rates

Holidays... + $5 for walks, check-ins, non-overnight sitting, & pet taxi. + $10 for overnight sitting. Holidays included are: New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas, & New Year's Eve.

Additional dogs (applies to dog walking only)... rates for additional dogs on walks are as follows: + $2 per additional dog on 20-minute walks, + $3 per additional dog on 30-minute walks, + $5 per additional dog on 60-minute walks. Additional dog discounts available to customers booking 5 walks per week.

Copy of house key... If you'd like us to make a copy of your house key in the event you do not have one available, this can be done for $5.

Key pick-up or drop-off... In the event you need me to pick up or return your house key to you, there will be a $10 fee.

Cancellations... Cancellations for services made within 24 hours of scheduled appointment are subject to a 50% cancellation fee.

Returned checks... A $25 fee will be billed to the customer in the event of any returned checks.




Scheduling with me via the scout app

Customers are always welcome to book the traditional way but if you prefer a more hands-on approach, Pup Club is now using the Scout app. The Scout app is a platform that allows customers to book their own appointments, upload information about their pet, receive invoices, make payments, and provides GPS for walks, plus a report card. It's extremely user friendly! It's available for both iOS and Android.



customer testimonials



     Golda & her mom, marcia

"We have been using pet care services for our pug for 12 years. Since we moved, we used Megan and boarded our dog in her home because it was just easier to do this.  Golda adapted quite well and, in spite of her age, she walked up and down the stairs which she doesn't do in our home. Finally, when my husband came to pick her up she looked at him and went back to sleep. This tells us she was very comfortable and we will use Megan again."
- Marcia - Rosedale

Contact us


Contact us through the form below and I'll get in contact with you to set up a free meet & greet! Additionally, I can be contacted at the following:

Phone (call or text): 941-799-6665
Email: megan@pupclub.net